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Let's Shake Things Up.

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About the Candidate

Get to Know Roshida

As a 39-year-old resident of Savannah, I had the opportunity to grow up on the Westside of town. I attended the last class of the original Tompkins middle school and graduated from R.W. Groves High School in 2001.


Soon after,  I was blessed to enter the world of motherhood, as I attempted to further my education. Although I was unable to complete that task, I was persistent in finding my purpose. As a new and young mother, I formed a youth dance ministry at Fairlawn Baptist church under the guidance of my parents, Pastor Harold and sister Sandra Edwards.


The ministry used dance to mentor young teen girls in hopes of guiding them down a path direction from the one I had chosen. That ministry is still strong, some 20 years later. In 2013, I tried my luck at organizing an event, and it was a huge success for the first time I felt connected to my career path. Months later, my first business, Wild Cherry Entertainment LLC., was formed. 

As a self-taught woman in business, we’ve grown over the past 11 years servicing the East Coast in weddings, concerts, special events, theatrical plays, bridal showers, and more. 


In 2022, I took my event planning business to another level and opened my own venue, Vintage Special Event Center LLC. This is my first brick and mortar business. As such, it was also my initial introduction into the unfair policy and impossible hurdles presented to small business owners in the city. As I fought through the processes, I decided to be the solution to the problems I’d been made aware of.


Thus, my entrance into the political realm was born. Policy is where the real changes are made, and I need to be in the room where it happens, to be the voice of the people that are overlooked under the guise of protection. Working alongside other council members, I believe we can approach the city’s problems with new ideas and create the Savannah that we, the residents, deserve. Let’s Shake Things Up Savannah

My Family

Roshida Edwards & Family


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